An Aggro Circus Christmas, Huahine, Wayne Coyne’s birthday, etc.

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Aggro Cirus

For Christmas, I built in the Aggro Circus show with team at Universal Studios then broke out to Huahine in the French Polynesian Islands with my family.

Huahine was amazing!  It was like living inside an aquarium!

I brought all my paragliding and skydive equipment with me, just in case.   I couldn’t find anyone that would let me jump out of their plane, but I found a cliff and I hiked up it, through the tundra, and launched my paraglider and flew around.

The mountain made me earn the fun, but it was worth it. My first hike I didn’t know there was a trail, I was by myself and, at one point, I ran into a bunch of bees and they attacked me!  As I was panicking, I rolled down the mountain with my gear, over their nest.  I was getting stung like crazy.  I couldn’t get away from them… then I thought of Dave England’s advice and stopped panicking and they stopped stinging me!  hahaha.  Jackass 3D came to be very educational for me!  awesome… Thanks to my ridiculous friends!!

The local kids started hanging with me and would help me launch. They were all lil tropical gangsters!  I made a bond with them by flying into their soccer field and landing.  They were cool.  Here’s another short flight.  When I landed, all my lil friends come to greet me.  They loved cheetos…

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Here’s a flight I got about 8 or 9 min of soar time.

Here are some rad sights.  These are dolphins teaching their baby to do tricks!  Here are the sacred fresh water eels of Huahine.  You can hangout and feed em.

On the trip, I read the Magnificent Failure. This book is about the life of Nick Piantanida.  This dude is my hero!  He’s the originator of the f’it flag!  I love this guy….  He took a hot air balloon up to the stratosphere DIY in 1966!!!   I dream to do this some day!!   I got this book from Keith Treanor’s dad, Harry Loney.  Thanks Harry.

When we got home, I was greeted by a present I’m in complete awe of.  Ben Harper sent me one of his signature guitars with a message that made my life.

My birthday was January 9th and I chose to do nothing! Except I took a flight with my paramotor from my house over to my new house I’ve been renovation for the last year. This house project has completely consumed me, but it’s gonna be rad when we finish… I built a launching pad off the roof for my flying machines!  A lot of new playgrounds are in construction mode!

On January 13th I went to see Hedwig and the Angry Inch. More here.

Then went to Wayne Coyne’s surprise birthday party.

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Now I’m at the Winter X Games typing away…

Well, that brings us up to now.  I hope you enjoy the new site and I’ll keep it up to date with the happenings in my world.

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