Back in the Day – Balloons and 540’s

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Speaking of Balloons and Spike Jonze this past week reminded me of this old clip from a contest called the “War of the Stars” in Rochester, NY in 1990.  Spike was on the deck shooting photos and I saw a bunch of balloons tied to the railing and thought I never rode with hot air balloons before… maybe I can go higher. heh heh… so one thing led to another and the next thing I know I’m doing a 540 with balloons wrapping around me.  For a second I thought I’m a real clown and was going to have to pay in blood for this self entertaining moment… but I survived to experience 1,000 of other bad self entertaining moments.

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This contest I started off with a 900 to 540 my first trick of my first run.  It was either going to be good or someone would be waking my up on the flat bottom asking what my problem is….  I still haven’t figured that out.