BMX Hall Of Fame Induction – 6.17.12

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Growing up I was given more freedom than typical kids.  I was a country boy and there’s mostly “live and learn” in the country.  I had to adapt to the “go for it or get out of the way, do or die attitude”, inspired by my mom and dad.  They gave me the freedom to live my dream, and the tougher brothers and sister to cross train and condition me for my future dangerous and sometimes painful endeavors.

I’ve always been drawn to being an outsider and BMX came to me and gave me a world in which that didn’t matter.  It was a world misfits could fit.  FREESTYLE.  It gave me complete independence and formed my identity.  It was a “sport” with limitless freedoms to create with.  the whole essence was yours to define.  It was something you couldn’t just learn you had to BE. This was a sport of pure expression, sport with the freedom of art.  Putty in my hands.  The rules were unwritten and were meant to stay that way.  It was about creating for sake of just creating.

Growing up on my bike showed me my virtues and faults and has given me a world to live free from compromise.  It’s taught me commitment and dedication.  It keeps me humble by always offering another challenge.  It’s shown me if you want to LIVE you have to take chances.   It taught me I have to work hard to play the way I love and to go for my visions and dreams no matter how radical, even if I’m the only one that believes in them.

I saw dreams are only limited by my imagination and the bigger I dreamed the tougher I had to be.  So I dreamed big and put my armor on.   I question and challenge everything, listen to my heart and let it take me on a ride that always brings me where I want to be.

YES, I am very lucky.  I’ve lived by my heart through my passions and I’m rewarded for this.  It’s hard to feel worthy standing on this stage looking at a lot of people who’ve inspired me to live this way.   Thanks for inspiring my life to be what it has become and will continue to be.   I live to fan the fire that fuels our hearts through our bikes.

much respect. thanks for this honor.

peace love harmony.