Going back out West: Jason Ellis, Perris Dropzone etc.

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Nov 6th was the next Stand up for Skatepark in Vegas with X playing!!  I was excited to have another jam with the masters, and I’ve been trying to see X since I was a little kid, but I threw my back out working on my new house and could barely walk…. So last minute I decided to go back west in support of Jason Ellis.  He was having an Ellis Mania at the Hollywood palladium.  …and I arranged to jump out of a hot air balloon on the morning of the 7th  before my flight back.

I’ve toured with Ellis on many tours and he may be the funniest human alive.  He would make tour fly by and always stand up for me if there were any bmx haters around… He rode his board like I like to ride my bike.  I’d see a big transfer line and the only person who would beat me to it would be Ellis.  He goes big and I must state Jason Ellis may be the wittiest dark overlord of our century.  The dude makes me laugh and shake my head constantly when he’s around.

The hot air balloon jump didn’t work out because the winds were at 40mph + at around 5000 ft, next time…. so we went to the Perris dropzone and got 3 jumps in.  Then, Rooftop dropped me off at the airport.  thanks roofy.


On Nov 13th I went to Stew Johnson’s the Anthem premier in Austin.  I saw a lot of OG greats and hung out with Sheps!  I love that man.  Ain’t nothing changes but his limp.

Dec 3rd I went to Vegas to raise some money for TJ lavin.

Dec 8th  I went to Portland to meet up with Lew and show my film at Nemo to all the rad local.  Ryan Barrett brought me by Burnside to let me drool.  I should have brought my bike… We had an auction and were able to raise some money for Mike Vincent!  Mike needs all the support anyone can give, so if you can spare some for a brother please give, press here.

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