Here¹s my new BMX Warrior Battle Gear – read my whole articles here: Here¹s my new BMX warrior set up. So it kinda sucked slamming on a trick I¹ve done a million times that nearly took me out, but what sucked worst is how I had to face that what I do is life threatening, it could happen at anytime and especially at the least suspecting of times and it helps to have someone around to assist you for your survival. I must do this before I ride again or I¹m being irresponsible. My main dilemma is I love to ride alone. Nothing else but the moment of my ride exists. It¹s total focus from the inside and it puts me in a meditated state, SO.. I couldn¹t ask my son to come check on me to see if I¹m still conscious and alive, even though he¹s proved he¹s pretty good at it. I can¹t do this, so what could I do to ride the way I love and be somewhat responsible. 1st I need a new helmet. I¹ve been hearing rumors of this new technology that has far greater protection possibilities than the traditional foam impact setups. You may have heard of them, but they are called 6D. It¹s a suspension system between two layers of foam. Ingenious. I¹ve been watching these helmets evolve over the last couple years and they were finally available. I called them up and got a deal on one. 2nd I need a 1st responder I was sitting in the Taipei airport last week speaking with some friends that were concerned about my injuries. I expressed my dilemma and this guy said “you should get a ICEdot”. It¹s that round little crash sensor you see on the left. “In the event of critical forces, the device triggers the app over low-energy Bluetooth to sound an alarm and initiate an emergency countdown. Unless the countdown clock is stopped, the app will then notify your emergency contacts and send GPS coordinates of the incident so that appropriate follow up actions can be taken.” This was made for ME! I got home ordered one immediately. I then noticed the company is from Tulsa, right up the street from me. RAD.

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