March 20th – Flying, Riding, Fighting

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Yesterday was a pretty good day.  I got to barrow a skid steer track loader and smoothed out my property at my new house and it’s starting to mold nicely.  The wind was low, and my back wasn’t thrashed, likes it’s been, so I got to ride some vert and I relearned a couple old tricks and got some jive lofting time in.  Then I took a flight around the neighborhood with my PAP Paramotor.   It was cloudy, so the sky was smooth with small thermals, which let me relax and go up a couple thousand feet and stare at the horizon.  Then I went to watch my brothers fight and he won!  His last four fights have been pretty rough, so we all needed him to walk away from this one.  If you like to hit and get hit check out my brothers gym – Western Avenue Gym.

The only downer to the day was, what a great day it had been for me and my new neighbors expressed how I play wasn’t welcomed, but that’s why I’m moving here…  it’s unplatted land far away from any neighborhood ASSociation.  I can live how I love.

Travis Hoffman Round 1

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Travis Hoffman Round 2 (TKO)

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Rebecca Miller Round 1 (Technical TKO)

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