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It’s been a longtime. A lot has changed in the digi world since I’ve kept my website up-to-day and I’m claiming this time I’m going new school and updating my ways to be able to share more regularly.

Let me do a little catch up. I won’t go too far back, but let’s start at Oct 13th 2010. This was a multi-tasking week I put together in LA. It was the weekend Jackass 3D premiered and on Wednesday the 13th we had a friends and family premiere at the Chinese theater across from the Roosevelt in Hollywood.

I flew in with Jaci to check out the reining kings of ridiculousness survive another movie as I watched them throw a brick at Hollywood by breaking all the rules and setting records… Then, Jaci went home and I stayed in town to attend the Anaheim Film Festival on Friday for a showing of my documentary “The Birth of Big Air” with the all mighty Seth Casriel (editor) and Priya Swaminathan (producer), two of the great powers behind my doc.

BUT that meant I had two days in LA with no plans, so I brought my skydive equipment and I called up Rooftop (Mike Escamilla) and went to the dropzone. I’ve been skydiving since I was 16 and have had several hundred jumps, but an 18-wheeler hit me Oct 27th 2007 and wrecked my shoulder beyond repair and I hadn’t been healthy enough to skydive since! I had started flying my paramotor and paragliding again, but hadn’t jumped from a plane and reached terminal velocity in 1574 days, 4.3 years!

I had been training and building up my confidence. The last time I was in Florida I went to the wind tunnel and brought my family and flew it to make sure my shoulder would stay in socket with my new shoulder brace. Gianna and Jet took their first flights too! Awesome. Jaci flew too. You could tell she’s had a 15-year ballet career and takes yoga and pilates every day. I haven’t seen better form in jumpers who have thousands of jumps….

Well, the time had finally come to get back in the sky. Here’s some jumps we had. Mike is filming in this one.

[yframe url=’’]

Perris Jump 1 – I forgot to tell him to NOT grab my arm because it may come off… you’ll notice how he is flying up to me to dock (grab my arm) and I’m backing up shacking my head.

[yframe url=’’]

Perris Jump 2 – I wanted to see how my arm would do flying on my back and Rooftop (Mike) came flying by.

Thanks Mike!

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