Our Grammy Helmets Are UP For Sale!!

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It’s time to auction off our Grammy-ified Helmets (along with the bikes)!   I painted these helmets on the balcony of my hotel. The Grammy inspiration turned into “Industry and Money chasing the Talent and Rebellion.”  I thought if we are on stage chasing each other in circles not doing any tricks at least we could represent and express this, subtly.

The green and blue helmets are Industry and Money  (hence the 1 cent and $O) and the red and yellow helmets are Talent and Rebellion (hence the #13 and 43).  Also, I had the helmet cam, so when I rode by the band (Arcade Fire) I knew I would have the back of my helmet facing the audience (hence the happy dead face on the back of my helmet).  This is also a tattoo I’ve given many of the BMX greats in our community.  This stands for LIVE LIFE TO DIE HAPPY.

All proceeds go to Mike Vincent, so please give all you can.


-Mat Hoffman