Back in the Day – Balloons and 540’s

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Speaking of Balloons and Spike Jonze this past week reminded me of this old clip from a contest called the “War of the Stars” in Rochester, NY in 1990.  Spike was on the deck shooting photos and I saw a bunch of balloons tied to the railing and thought I never rode with hot air balloons before… maybe I can go higher. heh heh… so one thing led to another and the next thing I know I’m doing a 540 with balloons wrapping around me.  For a second I thought I’m a real clown and was going to have to pay in blood for this self entertaining moment… but I survived to experience 1,000 of other bad self entertaining moments.

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This contest I started off with a 900 to 540 my first trick of my first run.  It was either going to be good or someone would be waking my up on the flat bottom asking what my problem is….  I still haven’t figured that out.

Let’s run off a cliff together….

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Feb 14, 2011 – Happy Valentines!

Today was shaping up to be a great day to run off a cliff with the loves of my life! The wind finally switched to inshore and they are bouncing off the cliffs of Blacks Beach, shaping an invisible vert ramp.  Today we get to ride the sky!

Gianna, Jet and Jaci are down for the ride.   They went tandem as I chased them around with my Gin Gangster.  Fatherhood has reached new levels.  Bad pun intended, of course.

It’s an amazing experience to share your passions with the ones you are most passionate about.  Gianna, Jet and I have family vert sessions now, we took a balloon a mile high a few days ago.  I got to blow a kiss to them and Nestea plunge out to the sky, and now we are going to soar one of the most beautiful paragliding sites.

Torrey Pines Gliderport is definitely the best way to site see San Diego.   The Torrey Pines ridge goes from La Jolla to Del Mar.  To the north, you fly over a golf course and to the south you fly past 30 million dollar mansions.

I first flew this site about 7 years ago, but haven’t flown it since I was blindsided by a Semi 10.27.07!   Days like this make me trust “if there is a will, there is a way” spite the odds.

Here’s some video of the day.  I’m the guy with the white paraglider chasing my family around the Mountain:

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Watch: 2011 Grammy Performances by Arcade Fire

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This is the clearest video we could find to post of both Arcade Fire performances….

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Watch: 2011 Grammy Performances by Arcade Fire, Dr. Dre, Bob Dylan,.

Grammy Randomness

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Spike Jonze made a film with Arcade Fire while we were making the Birth of Big Air.  Spike put some suburban kids riding their bikes and playing around in the film.  About a week ago, Arcade Fire and Spike thought that would be cool to have bikes riding around while Arcade Fire played at the Grammys.  So, Spike gave the Arcade Fire peeps my name to supply them with some bikes.

I got an email from them and thought people like the Grammys…. I could give them some bikes and then auction them off and raise some funds for something good in our community.  Then, of course the first major need I’ve wanted to help with is Mike Vincent’s tragedy and the doctor bills that keep climbing.

So, I sent some bikes out to Arcade Fire and packed up to go on vacation in La Jolla with my family.  We got to La Jolla and Arcade Fire contacted me again, asking if I knew of anybody who could ride around the band as they played.  Grammy’s denied any ramps or tricks, they just wanted some casual bike riders rolling around for ambience.

This is where the randomness begins.  I checked in with Voelker, Rooftop and Tabron to see if they would be interested.  When we met up with Arcade Fire the only rule was there weren’t any rules, so we all got along great.

Originally, I wasn’t interested because I was on vacation, but I happened to be on vacation an hour and a half from the Grammy’s, and after recruiting my friends and nobody knowing what to do, including the band, I thought I better get their backs and figure this out.

We weren’t there to try to upstage anyone, but to be a part of the flow. This wasn’t a BMX show, this was Arcade Fire’s show.  So, I thought I could use this to portray BMX, not as something you have to do unbelievable stunts to be a part of, but to ground it to be what anyone could do if you had a bike.

We did a dress rehearsal in the morning, it was complete disaster.  So, in true BMX fashion, we went out in the parking lot at 4:45p, 15 minutes before the Grammys started, with a broken boom box and put together what you saw on the Grammy’s.

I couldn’t believe the Grammy’s had stooped to our level!  Hahaha!  I was proud to basterdize the Broadway performances with a little adlibbed sketchy last minute BMX randomness.   I guess the world needed a little randomness…