RADnomness – StandUp for Skatepark 2011, Beverly Hills Sess. Oct 2nd

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Oct 2nd, this past Sunday, I had the honor to do a demo for Tony Hawks “StandUp for Skatparks” Fundraiser with the elite,  Tony Hawk, Lincoln Ueda, Bucky Lasek, Shawn White, Mitchie Brusco & Jason Ellis.  It felt like old times.  I was lucky to be on deck with the MegaRad, and I didn’t crash!  I look forward to next session.  Heres my perspective of showtime.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUjf_J9wXyQ’]

RADnomness – 9.25.11

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I had a nice session today and appreciate how my bike is still my best friend.  When I drop in every other stress that is weighing me down disappears and it’s all about this feeling at this time and nothing else matters. I needed that.  everybody needs that.

photos by keith treanor