RADnomness- 540’s Flairs, Parachutes, Pool, Drums…

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Today I rode some vert, did some 540’s, flairs, etc., got some good pumps, then I took a flight w/ my paraglider flying machine, played pool with jet & gianna, then rocked on on some drums.  today was a good day.

I just brought my contour on the paraglide ride. here’s 4 min. of that:

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JhPjIybK_EY’]


RADnomness – Random Mischief in Vegas

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So I was planning on chilling at home this past weekend when I get this text From Travis Pastrana.

His kind words blew me away… I thought, this is like a serious important moment in their life and they want me to be a part of it… (be a part of it by permanently scaring them with my less then amateur tattoo skills!)   So of course, I had to packed up my tattoo gun and jump on the next flight for this random mischief  (which sounds like a good name for band btw).

I got to the HardRock just in time for Dirt Finals where I saw Travis & Lyn-z.  After the finals I went to a bar with The Pastranas and friends to watched Supercorss and discussed what part of the body I was going to violate.  I checked in with Big Island to get a tattoo pros’ opinion on the size of needles and set up I was going to use to make sure I was being somewhat safe and legit.  He gave his friend Mike Roche a call who was tattooing at the  Hart & Huntington tattoo parlor at the HardRock and said I could visit him if I had any questions.  Yes, this is the Mike Roche from legendary band TSOL.

It was getting late, around midnight, and The Pastrana’s were set to go up to thier room and begin the debauchery.  I went by Hart & Huntington to see Mike and make sure my needle selection etc. was good before I set up.  He  hooked me up with so much new stuff for the evening, I couldn’t believe it!  So stoked, I went up to room 805 to start my trips mission.

We decided to do matching ankle tattoos of my simple symbolic “Live Life to Die Happy” tattoo bringing it to a new symbolic level of their first lifelong committed step together.

And for extra awesomeness Jolene Van Vugt asked me to tattoo her number on her.


RADnomness – StandUp for Skatepark 2011, Beverly Hills Sess. Oct 2nd

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Oct 2nd, this past Sunday, I had the honor to do a demo for Tony Hawks “StandUp for Skatparks” Fundraiser with the elite,  Tony Hawk, Lincoln Ueda, Bucky Lasek, Shawn White, Mitchie Brusco & Jason Ellis.  It felt like old times.  I was lucky to be on deck with the MegaRad, and I didn’t crash!  I look forward to next session.  Heres my perspective of showtime.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUjf_J9wXyQ’]