RADnomness – 9.25.11

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I had a nice session today and appreciate how my bike is still my best friend.  When I drop in every other stress that is weighing me down disappears and it’s all about this feeling at this time and nothing else matters. I needed that.  everybody needs that.

photos by keith treanor





RADnomness – Backyard session 9.20.11

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Some of my team showed up at my house yesterday.  They stopped by before they take a trip to Kansas City to spread their magic.  The posse included Seth Kimbrough, Jabari Winters, Jeremy Hrabal, Ben Hennon and Jeremie Infelise. Caleb is coming in today. Ben Sessioned my ramp/car as I did a burn out… then I had a sunset Vert session with the rulers of the street. …but I witnessed they can rule whatever they ride.

Here’s my view through my pov contour camera. I started the session of by slamming a 540 from being blinded by the setting sun. The rest of the session was less painful…

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_pbGPYzUuU’]