Random Photo – Oct 27, 2007 I almost died, again…

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… and it wasn’t even my fault this time!  IRONIC.  I got broad sided by an 18 wheeler that ran a stop sign.  I was knocked out and it destroyed what was left of my shoulder.  It’s taken me over 3 years to get partial movement back to my shoulder.  With the help of a few surgeries and a modified shoulder brace I’ve been able to get back in the saddle. Maybe not at the same level, but life is good to be back in my favorite playgrounds, and who knows, adapting my new body to my bike may lend itself to the need for new variation.   The sun is coming out, I’m gonna go ride….

Random Photo – Mat Hoffman Ninja Ramp 3

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This was a similar ride as that last photo.  I built a roll in that was 8′ taller then my ramp in the HB warehouse.  I could hit the lip with so much speed the other side felt like a curb.
This is when I thought I could max a 22 foot tranny out at 30…  photo my Mark Losey