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In 2002, Hoffman Bikes, Mat Hoffman and Eddie Roman teamed up to release the 3 most influential videos of all time; Aggroman, Head First and RideThe Trilogy DVD offers over 200 minutes of BMX History! Watch and Learn!Riders Featured are Matt Hoffman, Eddie Roman, Dave Voelker, Kevin Jones, Pete Augustin, Steve Swope, Dennis McCoy, Chad Herrington, Chase Gouin and many, many more .

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AGGROMAN Filmed, directed and produced in 1989 by Eddie Roman. Circa 1000 original VHS copies were made.The shadiest BMX video ever, made in 1989. Aggroman is a BMX superhero.This is one of the first videos to show Street Riding. (Eddie Roman) Starring : Matt Hoffman, Eddie Roman, Dave Voelker, Kevin Jones, Mark LungMustard Eaton, Pete Augustin, Craig Campbell, Chris Day, Vic Murphy, Craig Grasso, Steve Swope, Dennis McCoy, Jess Dyrenforth, Mike ODay and more. Running time : 90min.Quotes :Whats your name? Betty, You’re useless as a cripple pack mule boy. We’re going to fist city. I’m an AggroNinja. Whoa, lookit that! A spinarooni! Is that a chrome BMX? To get to the OTTER side! Get it? You ruined a perfectly good bicycle.

HEADFIRST46 minutes long video produced by Eddie Roman. Out May 27th, 1991. Circa 5000 original VHS copies were made. Mat Hoffman, The Ride of my Life, 2002 : After France (Bercy 6, march 1990), Eddie Roman came out to visit and we filmed Head First, another home-brewed Roman production. The action opened with Eddie posing as a kitchen appliance and basically eating garbage, regurgitating it, and then feeding the mixture to his friend. This was the first video to feature excessive coverage of street and mini-ramp riding, which were becoming all the rage in the sport. I also rode a lot of dirt jumps. I was riding for Haro, but was going through a bike a day while we compiled footage. My bikes change color every other scene, and after some tricks, parts can be seen literally breaking off my bike. While making Head First, I adapted the art of big handrails from skateboarding to bikes. I pulled a burly twenty-two stepper while filming with Eddie in downtown Oklahoma City.

RIDE ON Produced by Eddie Roman in 1992 Circa 10.000 original VHS copies were made. Time : 45 min. Eddie Roman : Ride On is my favorite from a riding perspective. It was just me filming my friends, riding, laughing and just being a Southern California slacker. I couldn’t afford to edit it in a professional edit bay (this was before you could buy your own editing system). so I worked in a professional edit bay and was paid in edit time. Instead of a paycheck, I got time in the editing room. That’s the kind of thing you can do when you still live with your parents. Making Ride On was a great time


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