Random Daily Photo: Me @ 2-Hip KOV 1988

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2-Hip KOV round 2, May 28, 1988, FlintMichigan.

Mat Hoffman, 2-Hip KOV round 2, may 28, 1988, Flint, Michigan.




MEMORY: “Lee Reynolds is a sick lad. He does 540s with no feet on! After that (and a barrage of insanely difficult stunt maneuvers at a very lofty altitude), he attempted it… a 900. He missed it the first and second time. Ron Wilkerson comically tried to convince the obviously tired Lee to quit before he killed himself with fatigue, but Lee didn’t stop. On his final attempt he did a full 900-degree rotation. Unfortunately, he landed flat bottom and slid out. Nevertheless, it was a 900”. Kris Dauchy, BMX Plus! October 1988