So A few years ago I discovered Bamboo’s tensile strength is roughly 28,000 per square inch versus steel’s 23,000 and withstands compression better than concrete. On top of this Bamboo is the most sustainable and renewable resource in the world. Bamboo Shoots Grow 24 To 36 Inches Every 24 Hours, so you could literally grow a bike in a day! Plus bamboo fibers are naturally anti fungal, anti bacterial and mildew resistant… The list goes on. So I thought I could make a stronger bike out of bamboo and the production of such a bike would make the world a better place. I love it when I realize I’ve been brain washed by industry and need to challenge it, so I did. I went through 3 prototypes and here’s the last one. I took bamboo plywood and glued it together so the fibers were crossed to form an i-beam structure and dropped in. It was super stiff and fast. I even brought it out to the skatepark and challenged anyone to break it and I’d give them a new bike if they could. It couldn’t be broken. #bamboobike #WierdIdeasMorePeopleShouldDo

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