Throwback from this past weekend in Hastings. Than

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Throwback from this past weekend in Hastings. Thanks You! Swipe for whole vid. It’s just over 5 min. – @bmx For the fourth annual Legend award, we honor one of the most legendary of all, Mat Hoffman. The Legend Award has traditionally been a surprise to the winner. We wanted to get the award to Mat a couple of years ago, but couldn’t swing it. This year, we caught wind that he’d be out in Hastings…seeing Mat’s geniune reaction is what it’s about. The words on the custom Legend Award: “For a lifetime of dedication. For the first handrail. The thousands of limbless vert combos. For guiding us through the worst of times and carrying the torch through the best. The 900 in 1989. Sprocket Jockey shows. Bicycle Stunt contest series. Hoffman Bikes. The 26-foot air in 1993… Everything has always been bigger, higher, and gnarlier thanks to you. You’ve affected every aspect of freestyle as we know it. BMX would not be where it is today without your effort, love, and sacrifice.
Thank you, Condor.” —Our BMX